The seed library is open.

On some days you can come and borrow1borrow means in this case that you take seeds home with you to sow in your own garden and return fresh seeds to the seed library from those plants at … Continue reading seeds. When exactly will be published in our calendar of activities. Usually at the start of spring and the end of the fall.

By participating you assist in the recovery of biodiversity and adaptation to the runaway climate. It doesn’t cost much more then the attention you spend on growing and harvesting the plants you sow. All you need to return are some of the new seeds. What you do with the rest of the plant is totally up to you.

If you want to participate or want to know more, please visit De Kloosterbostuin: Aalsterweg, near Oriental Greenhouse, after 200 meter turn right on the Eikenburglaan. For all you “navigators”: *next to* Aalsterweg 301. If you come by car, please park at the P3 parking lot, behind the sports centre. Just follow the signs “P3”. From there it’s a lovely stroll through the estate back to De Kloosterbostuin.

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