Zora (BG)

Eco project ZORA – it is an attempt to thank nature by trying to be useful in her excellent existence.

It took several years to collect the necessary information and master the new craft.

Most of the knowledge was obtained from Permaculture courses.

A wonderful opportunity was to gain first experience of Permaculture in the Het Kloosterbos (HKB) project, it was the first immersion in a new way of life, under the guidance of the HKB Quarter Maker with extensive experience, proven in practice. In a difficult moment, we received the necessary motivation from our mentor, which helped us take an important step in our lives. Throughout our journey, we receive great online support from our friends at HKB. Some of them visited us during the cold winter and helped build our house, the doors of which are open to all like-minded people.

The place of Zora is located in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, at an altitude of 400 MASL. Our goal is to green up as much as possible 1.3 hectares of land, the resources of which are being depleted due to erosion and frequent grazing. Locals say that nothing will ever grow on this dry land. But in spite of everything, the seeds from HKB are perfectly adapted, which never cease to amaze everyone.

At first it was just a dream, but now it has turned into a goal that has become a reality.