Corona virus

To prevent the spreading of Covid-19, De Kloosterbostuin calls on you to please stay at home.

The public gardening days of De Kloosterbostuin are now suspended till further notice.

Take good care of yourself. Help others by keeping a safe distance.

Copped Out?

25 years of UNFCCC Conference Of Parties – Aptly abbreviated to COP for COPping out of political measures to curb runaway climate change.

In April 1995 the first Conference Of Parties of the UNFCCC took place in Berlin, Germany. The harvest of 25 years of global climate politics is rising CO2 levels, rising level of energy use, rising population, collapsing biodiversity, rising pollution, rising resource depletion and -what do you know: runaway climate change. We’ve also seen a rise in business profits from sales of products and services to “fix” climate change and climate adaptation – like air conditioning and electric vehicles, solar panels and windmills. To building defensive structure for rising sea levels and an endless army of climate advisors and experts. Climate change has become a serious big business with a vested interest in its growth and enduring existence.

The best UNFCCC could come up with in the run-up to COP25 in Madrid, Spain, was to declare the Climate Emergency. Yeah!

What can we learn from 25 years of failure by political bodies of governance at all levels to effectively address this existential crisis?

What can we learn from 25 years of corporate bodies of business of cashing in royally from this existential crisis?