Het Kloosterbos is not a food production project.

Het Kloosterbos is a pleisterplaats. A place of healing, recharging and regeneration. For microbes plants and animals – and yes: for you too. All guests are hosts and equal.

The default rule for visiting Het Kloosterbos is: what you harvest in Het Kloosterbos, you eat in Het Kloosterbos. Implied is that you do not take any harvest away to consume elsewhere.


The mission of Het Kloosterbos is to provide hospitality developments in rewilding, reskilling, transformation in sustainable (civil/burger) development, with Het Kloosterbos as incubator and pleisterplaats (a place of hospitality, healing and regeneration for society and nature).

Het Kloosterbos has a mission to facilitate learning. Learning to discover and develop skills in resilience and self-sufficiency. Learning to discover and develop who you are and your place in the world. Learning to accept and leverage the natural world to co-exist and thrive in a dynamic cosmos.

cosmos in action


Het Kloosterbos is designed to function unsupervised and untended. Guests are free to visit as they like. Their interactions are guided by subtle design to leverage natural behaviours beneficial to both the host and their guests. We experiment with signals in the landscape that encourage activities, leaving signals of activities done. We also play with and test signals to regulate how many guests stay at any one time and maintain a respectful distance to other – not necessarily all human – visitors.