Calling Kwartiermaker Candidates

Spring 2021 De Kloosterbostuin starts a learning programme for people that want to be Kwartiermakers, preparing the way for a better lifestyle to heal yourself, the planet and people.


What is a Kwartiermaker? Originally associated with specialist army people that scout ahead and prepare locations for the following troops to make camp, rest from their march and prepare for the next stage in their campaign. Quartermaster is the closest translation in English, though this suggests more a function as manager of a camp (quarter) rather than making a camp.

Network for Free Folk

To protect, liberate and heal nature we must to be free ourselves. Not an easy task in our modern civilised world. It seems a lot easier to get people enthused about rewilding nature (which doesn’t need it) then to rewild ourselves and the societies we live in (which definitely do need it).

There have always been individuals and smaller or larger groups of people abandoning urban life in favour of mobile, roaming lifestyles. “Grey Nomads”, travellers, harvesters following the seasons, hikers, pilgrims are some examples. Many of them use existing facilities catering especially to their needs. A good example is the Camino de Santiago, with their guesthouses, cabins and well marked routes.

Travelling this path liberates both the traveller and the environment. Nature shares its abundance freely, not as an economic transaction. It is free from the commodification and domestication of economic interaction with humans that have been the normal (ab)use in modern civilisation. The traveller enjoys free food, water, shelter and the company of real-life natural beings. A well behave human cannot help but share her abundance as a pioneer species, adventurers and explorers. We eat the fruits of nature, spread the seeds and our excess nutrients. We disturb soils, canopies to open them up for new growth. We give form to impossible dreams, creating new niches for organisms to grow and develop in. Free from the mental health syndromes of domestication and life in permanent dwellings. Or from the wider planetary perspective: the whole of the planet is our permanent and only dwelling. Undivided by illusory ideas of ownership but shared freely by all. Where sharing enhances the joy and relevance of the experience of being.

Make It So

Still breaking away from your home, your job and all those other things that keep you tied to this idea of “citizen”, is not easy. To help you along De Kloosterbostuin invites you to join us in the spring of 2021 for the first steps on this path, which we will make ourselves.

You will learn to explore the joys and challenges of living with and in Nature, to heal and rebuild its capacity for hospitality. We start gently with getting to know the location of De Kloosterbostuin itself. Identify plants, fungi, insects animals. Eat from what De Kloosterbostuin has to offer. Return our own outputs effectively.

As we progress through the seasons, we will venture out on day trips, hiking and cycling, and explore some of the nature reserve areas south of our location like Strabrechtse Heide, Groote Heide, Leender Bos and Malpie.

As we go we will learn useful survival skill, using and maintaining tools, make our own tools and simple constructions needed for making new pleisterplaatsen (staging posts / waystations).

Workshops: A Feral Design Application

Sessions will be action-centred. Fridays, from sun-up till sun-down.
From Friday 19 March 2021.

You are invited to register your interest – without obligation at this point – by sending and email with a brief bio and motivation to: You will receive an invitation for a personal introduction in the field.

Applications close 1 March 2021.