An Afternoon with Het Kloosterbos and Friends

Where: Het Kloosterbos
When: Thursday 27 May, 14.00 onwards

An Afternoon with Het Kloosterbos and friends is an informal gathering that will act as a finissage to the Onomatopee Meeting Grounds Edition 4 programme, a launch for accompanying publication, and as an introduction and invitation into the delights of Het Kloosterbos, a peri-urban oasis of rewilding situated in Eindhoven.

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Het Kloosterbos is a pleisterplaats // a meeting ground. A healing place, a place to recharge. For plants, animals, microbes – and yes, for you too. Everyone is an equal and worthy guest.

Meeting Grounds takes the form of a series of publicly programmed events that looks to the physical sites that play host to the diverse communities of Eindhoven – be they human or non-human.

Together Het Kloosterbos and Meeting Grounds invite you to an afternoon of nature-based activities, insights, explorations, nutrition and delight.

What to expect during An afternoon with Het Kloosterbos and friends:
Guests will be welcomed across a number of designated “sensory” stations situated around the forest garden that will act as a carousel to guide you through the many processes of this place and for you to learn directly about the site and its multitude of offerings through sight, smell, taste, touch and listening.

Whilst at each station you will be welcomed to document your experience through the act of writing or drawing and while embarking on this journey, we will gather ingredients for a collective meal, process the ingredients and cook them into a tasty and nutritious menu.

Once we have successfully prepared our food and drinks, we will embark on a reflection of our experiences in the garden, coupled with readings from the upcoming Meeting Grounds publication as a way to consider the philosophy of Het Kloosterbos, its vision of rewilding and core ethics and guiding principles.

Through your time in the garden, we hope for you to experience the diversity of species, the community of species, the landscape that invites and facilitates (or at times hinders) these meetings between species and individuals; and how we as guests influence those conditions and processes within the garden.

Please note attendance at prior Meeting Grounds or Het Kloosterbos events is not required, all are welcomed and encouraged to join.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions reservations are necessary for this event and places are limited. Please contact for further information and to register your place.