3% Remaining

For most pension funds it is panic stations when capital reserves drop below 95%. For civilisation 3% of ecological reserves remaining stays firmly below its horizon of perception.

While it is equally unwise to romanticise pristine nature as it is to deny the presence of humans in our global ecosystem, 3% of healthy ecosystems left on the planet should be cause to pause and consider if we want to live beyond today.

Looking at the map of the assessment of ecological health of most of the planet’s land surface, it seems that where humans have taken an interest in extracting natural resources are the least healthy and those that have been left alone are the most healthy. Perhaps this is a clue to restoring the health of both ourselves and everything else in the planetary biosphere?

Perhaps it is a matter of perception, on the part of us, civilised humans? Maybe we could work on that? Some day? No rush, as neither nature1that which is born, rather then manufactured by humans. From Latin verb nasci. nor the planet care one way or the other 😉

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