Faire Cabane

Tree-housing as a local, contextual, scarce, communal experience

By Anna Mareschal de Charentenay & Marie Verdeil
Current guardian: Francesca Tambussi

With this project, we are very interested in the potential of the tree house to be a space that fosters togetherness, collaborative building and integrates itself into a network of existing social/local spaces.


A tree house is a specific construction, one whose existence is shared across most people’s imaginations and/or memories. By building together this evocative structure, one meets ideas of others and can aim towards a collective comprehension of the created construction.


The shape and use of the tree house does not merely depend on us; it is a discussion we constantly have with our fellow builders, the visitors, the gathered materials, and our shared knowledge of techniques. The tree house is a highly contextual object: the result of the meeting of all aforementioned elements (i.e. a place, some trees, some materials, some builders, a community, an agreement).


Eventually, the tree house could also become a tool to shed a critical light on network infrastructures and one which shapes our daily lives: the Internet. Can the small network help us understand the larger one? Can we try to apply similar principles of circularity, scarcity, responsibility online?

Web site: cabane.network